photo: AndrewThis is evidence that you did a great job helping me recover and get back to my favorite sport.  I had the time of my life in Mexico, and I rode 120 waves in 10 days…one day I surfed for four hours.  I wasn’t sore and I was in great shape for the event.  Thank you so much for your tremendous care and effort.


photo: Christian“I don’t think I need a trainer and a trainer probably can’t help me because I already know how to workout…”

These were the words I uttered to Brittany in 2006.  By signing up at a new gym I got a free session with her and firmly believed it would be the only time I ever saw her.  8 1/2 years later I was still with her and had undergone both a physical and mental transformation when it cam to working out and better understanding exercise in general.  Unfortunately she moved away from Denver, otherwise I would still be with her.  I had played football and been a sprinter on the track team in high school and college.  Yet Brittany helped transform me into a much better endurance runner that is competitive in obstacle course racing.  The summer before I started working with her I came in 154th in a 6 mile obstacle race.  A mere two years after starting with her I came in 5th in that same race against a much larger and more competitive field.

From working with Brittany and watching where other trainers failed with friends and colleagues of mine, I figured out that knowledge and adaptability are keys, and she has them both in spades.  Her knowledge of strength training, endurance training, exercise variation, Muscle Activation Techniques, and Pilates is amazing.  In reality, it is what leads to her strength in adaptability.  Our workouts were constantly varied both for training purposes and to keep it “interesting.”  Yet, she could easily pivot on a dime if I arrived and was too sore, tired, or simply not excited for a workout she had planned by creating a new workout that was recovery focused or innovative or both.  She takes the time to listen to issues I am having, but also explain why we are doing a particular exercise or workout if I challenged her on the benefits.

Even these words cannot fully do justice to how strongly I would recommend her to any level athlete, from couch potato to Olympian.  Brittany will help you set your goals and then surpass them.


Brittany combines a wealth of knowledge in personal training, Muscle Activation Techniques and nutrition to help you significantly improve your overall fitness level.  She understands the uniqueness of each client and builds a workout plan tailored to you.  Her workouts are educational, fun and challenging and her positive approach motivates you to continually reach your fitness goals.


Brittany has helped me go from being a “plodder” fitness-wise, to being a much more focused and stronger “gym rat.”  Brittany has an innate ability, based on experience I assume, to know when to push me hard and when to back off.  She knows a vast array of exercises that are targeted at specific muscle groups and body areas, and organizes them to make an aerobic workout a desirable outcome…she has forgotten more than I will ever konw. I believe she has replaced about 20 pounds of fat on me with 20 pounds of lean muscle mass.  As a result I am much more flexibly strong than I used to be and much healthier.  As an avid golfer, I highly recommend her.  Possibly Brittany’s best skill is her certification in MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) which has transformed my balky, arthritic shoulder into something usable and relieved consistent pain.  Her MAT work has also greatly benefitted my tight calves and sore hip.  I will miss her obvious ability in this healing technique.  Finally, she knows her nutrition too and has helped me immensely to achieve a consistently healthier diet.  Since working with Brittany, my cholesterol numbers have all dropped and are now at the top range of “acceptable” according to my Doctor.  I am very sorry to see her return to “Ragin Cajun” country…it’s your gain!


photo: LizBrittany is an extremely knowledgeable and hard working fitness trainer. She has used strength training, Pilates, and MAT to help me achieve strength and symmetry post hip replacement.  Her knowledge extends beyond fitness and nutrition to help her clients achieve maximum results.


I worked with Brit for over a year focusing increasing my flexibility for golf.  The change took time, which everything physical does, but she has significantly improved my flexibility and balance.  If you want to work with a very detailed and disciplined trainer for whatever your objectives are, then I strongly recommend you work with Brit.


Brittany has been my personal trainer for several years both privately and in a small group format.  I wanted a tough trainer, someone who is kind but who will push me to improve my fitness.  She learned to “read me” and would call me out if when she believed I could do more reps or more weight.  Working with Brittany, I felt my strength increase and saw my body change over the course of time. She was able to work around some minor injuries or muscle soreness from time to time, but always pushed, kept it interesting by rotating formats, and I got results.  Brittany is the kind of trainer you love to hate during the workouts!


Brittany is awesome…fun to work with, and very responsive to my needs with wide range of resources at her fingertips.  Her workouts are challenging, and MAT has helped me tremendously, enabling me to function much better in the gym, at work and at home.


testimonials4Brittany helped me lose 90 lbs and recover from an old back injury that had caused me to lose most of my core muscle strength.  We had to retrain my body to use the appropriate muscles for everyday tasks through strengthening, balance and tissue manipulation.  I feel fantastic – mentally and physically stronger than ever, even during my younger years in the Army.  Thank you for helping me find myself again!!


Brittany has so much knowledge and enthusiasm for helping people and because she worked with me in personal training, Pilates and MAT.  I achieved goals I never thought were possible.


Brittany is a fantastic personal trainer.  She is talented and passionate about what she does.  She always takes the time to assess my current condition and create a program that fits my needs.  I am an active sports enthusiast – I play competitive ultimate Frisbee, ski, run, bike, hike, trail run and do my best to keep up with my two boys.  I have worked with Brittany for 10 years and she has helped me stay fit and focused on my goals.  She has extensive experience with Pilates, core strength, metabolic circuit training, and keeps up to date on the latest methods of core training.  What I like most is that she finds a way to integrate all of her experience to tailor workouts to suit my needs and my level of fitness.  I seem to always leave her workouts with a pool of sweat at my feet, she pushes me to exceed my expectations and limits.  Brittany has a way of keeping my workouts challenging and fun.  I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a rock star personal trainer at any fitness level.