Imagine buying a brand new car and as the years pass, you take amazing care of it.  You change the oil and fluids on time and you wash and vacuum the car regularly.  You wax it and make sure to immediately buff out any imperfections.  One thing you DON’T do is purchase new tires.  One day, no matter how much you do to the body of the car, the tires will eventually wear down and all the time and effort put into the body will come to end when your tire blows and you wreck.  What good is all the other effort if you neglect the tires?

This is what we tend to do with our feet.  We shove them into shoes and ignore them while we exercise to take care of our bodies.  However, if we don’t make sure our feet stay healthy it will eventually catch up with us.   Some of you may already know what I am talking about because you have experienced foot disorders like plantar fasciitis.  You may have even had a neck or hip problem that you don’t even realize is coming from your feet.

Without proper care and frequently moving our toes and feet around, the feet tend to shut down and become more and more rigid as the years pass.  Many clients describe a painful, numbing feeling in their feet.  Some say it’s not comfortable to walk barefoot anymore.  After performing M.A.T. on most client’s feet they can’t believe how much better they feel.  Healthy feet impact your entire body.  It is not uncommon for a client to give me a big hug in gratitude after treatment.  Health, and the overall feeling of wellness is definitely something to be grateful for. 

It is time to stop ignoring one of the most influential parts of our body – your feet!   You can do this by adding them to our lotion routine, playing silly games with them, moving them as you watch t.v. or making them the cool-down segment of your workout.  Over the next few videos, I will be showing you plenty of ways to get your feet healthy again…and believe me, if you do, you will want to give me a big hug for convincing you to do so!

Foot Mobility

Toe ABDuction & ADDuction

Foot Flexion & Extension

Feet Windshield Wipers