Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Treatment

What is Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.)?

Muscle Activation Techniques is a bodywork technique using a systematic approach to identifying and treating muscular imbalances that relate to pain and injury. The focus of the evaluation procedure is based upon the understanding that the body will protect itself when it recognizes instability. Therefore, muscles will tighten up as a protective measure when instability is recognized. Providing Muscle Activation Techniques (M.A.T.) Treatment in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas.

Muscle Activation Techniques addresses the component of muscle weakness as a cause for limitations in joint range of motion. When muscles are weak and/or have lost proprioceptive input, the joint that supports it becomes unstable. This instability must be identified and addressed. Muscle Activation Techniques are designed to identify and correct such positions of instability. When the treatment is performed in this manner, the natural protective mechanisms in the body are diminished and normal joint motion is restored. The end result will also increase joint stability throughout that range of motion.

A powerful muscular assessment tool that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances.
Focusing on the cause of pain by testing, correcting, and maintaining muscle contractile capability.
Helping people of all ages…worldwide…everyday.

Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) provides a new lease on your active lifestyle. Whether you want to play golf, swing a tennis racket or simply walk up a flight of stairs without pain, this hands on technique identifies and addresses the muscular imbalances and weakness that lead to inefficient function, lack of flexibility, pain and injury.

How it works

The foundation of the MAT thought process is that muscle tightness is secondary to muscle weakness. MAT recognizes that muscles tighten up as a protective measure that is secondary to the instability that results from muscle weakness.

The MAT evaluation is unique because it looks at the mechanical relationships that exist between the functions of all joints. MAT recognizes that abnormal mechanics in one joint may affect motion at another joint, e.g., the effects of foot mechanics on hip, shoulder and cervical function.

The Goal

The goal of the treatment is to increase the stability and mobility of the joints by restoring the proprioceptive sensitivity of the muscle spindles in the muscle being treated. This cause concomitant increase in the alpha motor drive in the antagonist via interneuron activity. The activation of a muscle will increase the stabilizing characteristics of a muscle while allowing the opposite, tight muscle to relax.

The Process

Step 1 ROM Assessed

MAT uses specific arthrokinematic relationships to determine neuromuscular deficits (dimished muscle spindle sensitivity) that lead to compromised performance, joint instability and pain. These deficits are typically found in joint positions where muscles have the least biomechanical advantage and if there is dysfunction, diminished proprioceptive input as well.

Step 2 Muscle Testing

Once positional limitations in range of motion (ROM) have been identified, the plane or planes of weakness must be uncovered. To accomplish this, joint-specific muscle testing (neuroproprioceptive response testing) is applied through precise planes dictated by limited range of motion.

Step 3 Muscle Activation

Once the positions of instability have been identified, the neurological connection must be restored. To strengthen these positions of instability, specific, graded-intensity isometrics or precise palpation are used to restore proper proprioceptive input to the muscle spindle.

Step 4 Re-testing

Re-test to verify that the ROM and strength have been restored.

What are the Benefits of M.A.T.

  • M.A.T. addresses the muscular system’s role in chronic pain and injury.
  • M.A.T. treats the CAUSE of your symptoms.
  • M.A.T. strategically challenges and progresses an individual’s muscular system for improved function.
  • M.A.T. addresses the muscular system’s role in chronic pain and injury.
  • M.A.T. treats the CAUSE of your symptoms.M.A.T.
  • strategically challenges and progresses an individual’s muscular system for improved function.

Do you want to?

  • Move without pain?
  • Enjoy your favorite activities again?
  • Improve your quality of life?
  • Experience an individualized program like no other?

Think you’ve tried everything?

  • Maybe not!
  • Try Muscle Activation Techniques

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