photo: Christian“I don’t think I need a trainer and a trainer probably can’t help me because I already know how to workout…”

These were the words I uttered to Brittany in 2006.  By signing up at a new gym I got a free session with her and firmly believed it would be the only time I ever saw her.  8 1/2 years later I was still with her and had undergone both a physical and mental transformation when it cam to working out and better understanding exercise in general.  Unfortunately she moved away from Denver, otherwise I would still be with her.  I had played football and been a sprinter on the track team in high school and college.  Yet Brittany helped transform me into a much better endurance runner that is competitive in obstacle course racing.  The summer before I started working with her I came in 154th in a 6 mile obstacle race.  A mere two years after starting with her I came in 5th in that same race against a much larger and more competitive field.

From working with Brittany and watching where other trainers failed with friends and colleagues of mine, I figured out that knowledge and adaptability are keys, and she has them both in spades.  Her knowledge of strength training, endurance training, exercise variation, Muscle Activation Techniques, and Pilates is amazing.  In reality, it is what leads to her strength in adaptability.  Our workouts were constantly varied both for training purposes and to keep it “interesting.”  Yet, she could easily pivot on a dime if I arrived and was too sore, tired, or simply not excited for a workout she had planned by creating a new workout that was recovery focused or innovative or both.  She takes the time to listen to issues I am having, but also explain why we are doing a particular exercise or workout if I challenged her on the benefits.

Even these words cannot fully do justice to how strongly I would recommend her to any level athlete, from couch potato to Olympian.  Brittany will help you set your goals and then surpass them.