Brittany has helped me go from being a “plodder” fitness-wise, to being a much more focused and stronger “gym rat.”  Brittany has an innate ability, based on experience I assume, to know when to push me hard and when to back off.  She knows a vast array of exercises that are targeted at specific muscle groups and body areas, and organizes them to make an aerobic workout a desirable outcome…she has forgotten more than I will ever konw. I believe she has replaced about 20 pounds of fat on me with 20 pounds of lean muscle mass.  As a result I am much more flexibly strong than I used to be and much healthier.  As an avid golfer, I highly recommend her.  Possibly Brittany’s best skill is her certification in MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) which has transformed my balky, arthritic shoulder into something usable and relieved consistent pain.  Her MAT work has also greatly benefitted my tight calves and sore hip.  I will miss her obvious ability in this healing technique.  Finally, she knows her nutrition too and has helped me immensely to achieve a consistently healthier diet.  Since working with Brittany, my cholesterol numbers have all dropped and are now at the top range of “acceptable” according to my Doctor.  I am very sorry to see her return to “Ragin Cajun” country…it’s your gain!